What the VC’s are saying about Streets


Boulder Green Streets is helping our community and our country move into the future. For the past five years we’ve been at the early stages of a nation wide transition that is happening to urban spaces.

According to a well known VC “folks say retail is dead, and the stats on malls seem to be proving that out — with 15% estimated to close in the next 10 years. The stunning pictures of malls in transition, including this strip mall parking lot converted to an urban farm, are the stuff of science fiction. Dystopian rebirth –– the street finding its own use for the past.” -Jason Calacanis

Around the country new ideas and new startups are helping define the future of our public space and streets. (urban logistics, not just cabs has just launched Uber Rush in NYC). The front range is home to some 2,500 Green Tech startups. Some of these have to be in transportation. Is Boulder, or Colorado keeping up, or helping lead the way in this movement?

Which Boulder companies or startups do you think are helping us make the transition? What cool things could we be doing and how can Boulder Green Streets provide a test ground for new ideas at this years Ciclovia? We want to help be at the front of this movement to reinvent spaces and transportation.

Over the past five years, one of the wonderful things I’ve discovered about hosting a temporary street closure event is that it gives you a chance to pilot or test an idea or concept quickly – yeah quick data!

Boulder Green Streets wants to help our community, and our most creative entrepreneurs reinvent our city and our spaces. We want to help those of you doing really cool work strut your stuff this year. Tell us what ideas you’ve got or let us know who is doing something particularly awesome.

There is a lot we can help you do. Find out more here:


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