Mountain Flower Goat Dairy – Meet The Goats!

Ila-and-goats-242x300We’re excited to announce this year’s Meet The Goats event at Boulder Green Streets! In conjunction with Mountain Flower Goat Dairy – you’ll have the opportunity to meet the goats on this urban farm as well as try milk and cheese samples!

About Mountain Flower Goat Dairy

Mountain Flower Goat Dairy is a different kind of dairy.  We are a community-supported dairy and urban farm resource center with four interrelated goals:

  • To provide intergenerational, community-engagement opportunities by offering educational workshops and programs, farm-to-school projects, field trips and tours; animal husbandry classes, handcrafted cheese making workshops, safe food-handling courses; beginning urban-farmer trainings and resources; pack-goat opportunities; fiber demonstrations and a formal farm apprenticeship program.
  • To produce high-quality, hormone-free, humanely producedlocal goatdairy productsfor use by community members and in our education programs.
  • To support the 2011 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan’s long-term goal of “encouraging the preservation and sustainable use of agricultural lands as a current and renewable source of food and feed and for their contribution to cultural, environmental and economic diversity.”  It is our long-term vision to collaborate with the landowners, the City, our neighbors, nonprofits, and other stakeholders in an effort to permanently protect the last 25-acres of working community farmland in the Boulder City limits from subdivision and development.
  • To serve as a platform for broader farm and food systems policy change by providing a model of a working urban farm and engaged citizenship where we can go beyond everyday food choices to create a healthier and more transparent agricultural system by participating in and advocating for more sustainable food system.

Meet The Goats Tour Details!

meagan-and-3-babies-224x30010:30-11:30: Doors open – meet the goats — Farm Directors will talk to visitors about general goat care and sustainable animal husbandry, visitors can meet the goats and llamas, brush goats and feed grain.
11:30-noon: Farm tour
12:00-12:30: Milking demonstration
1:00-1:30: Fresh Goat Milk and cheese sampling
1:30-2:30: Farm Directors discuss general goat care and sustainable animal husbandry
2:30-3:00: Farm tour
3:00 pm: – close


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