Jesi describes changes to the Ciclovia event map for 2011. Jesse aka: The Green Streets Queen joined the team this spring. She is 500% passionate about what she does!

Whitter neighbor signing up for an NGS, Grahman of 21 Wheels, and Sue Prant of Community Cycles sharing some coffee time.

Thanks to all of you who made it yesterday to our coffee hour at The CUP.

We were happy to have several new sponsors, vendors, and community members and a well known cycling celebrity join us!

I really enjoyed meeting  coffee but we also discussed our Ciclovia plans and signed up a  final Neighborhood Green Streets (NGS) group.  I am happy to announce that we are totally maxed out with the NGS programs -so no NGS opportunities will not be available until October or November (folks we simply can’t keep up with the demand- not a bad problem to have).  If you would like to learn more about the NGS program please visit the Events section of our website.

If you didn’t know already 10% of all proceeds from the morning are being donated to BGS. Thanks VERY VERY much to Wendy and  everyone at the CUP for hosting us and being such a great community member. Thanks to all of you that ordered Large lattes and full breakfasts!

Please save the date for our next pre-event gathering Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 from 5:30-7pm at Twisted Pine Brewery located at 3201 Walnut in Boulder. They too will be offering 10% of all sales so plan ahead and bring your friends out to support this local brewery and BGS. More fun is scheduled throughout the summer. Check out the full and updated schedule here.

Future BGS Pre-event gatherings

7/19/11 @ Twisted Pine

3/8/11 @ Ozo

10/8/11 @ Avery Brewery*

31/8/11 @ Innis Free Poetry Bookstore

9/9/11 @ In the Street!

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